Rum Runners

 Rum Runners is a board and market manipulation game for 2-4 players set during 1920’s Prohibition in America. You and your opponents are low-ranking members of the mob. Your job is to make money for your mob family by shipping illegal booze down the river to various bars, or selling that same booze at your local “family owned” speakeasy. The player with the most money at the end of the game earns the respect of boss, moves up in the family, and is the winner!


2 to 4

Play Time

60-90 Minutes


1 Game Board
1 Speakeasy Track
6 Glass Beads (for Speakeasy Track)
4 Player Mats
100 Poker Chips to track money: $1x50, $5x25, $10x25
80 Crate Cards
12 Bar Cards
24 Event Cards
12 Informant Tokens
6 Player Power Cards